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Godwin Sequeira

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I am…

Christian – I believe and declare that Jesus Christ is my Saviour and Lord.

Evangelical – I believe and declare the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom.

Non-Denominational I am a Non-Denominational Christian.

Apostolic – I see great excellence in traditional authentic Christianity, handed down by the Apostles and I realize that the Church in some areas may not be functioning Scripturally. Where that is the case, I am keen to change as the Spirit convicts me through the Word.

Prophetic – I see an amazing harmony in the Gospels and especially in the fulfillment of prophecies of the Old Testament into the New testament in Christ. I strongly believe that being a Christian is being a prophetic person who understands what the Spirit is saying to the Churches today.

Evangelistic – Being a witness of Jesus Christ is a direct command given by the Lord and I see this as a duty that every Christian must obey. Preaching the Gospel through words, deeds and life is a must for every believer.

Married – to Delia who is my constant support to the ministry. Being a Pastors daughter, she understands the ups and downs of ministry life and how that sometimes can affect personal life. She is a woman of wisdom and has great love for the Lord and the church. I thank God for her always.

Music Teacher – by profession and teach in a school.

@Location – I presently reside in Pune, India.

You can email me by clicking the link below. I like to get an email, but because of the limitations on my time, I may not always reply quickly.


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