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*Reading Time: 7 minutes*


1 Corinthians 2:10 — Unto us, in fact, has God revealed through the Spirit; for, the Spirit, into all things, makes search, yea! the deep things of God.

Galatians 5:1 — For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not be subject again to the yoke of slavery.

Christ has set us free from the old nature, the holdings of the law, the bondage of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. However, unless we experience that freedom we will remain slaves to the old nature. Paul questions the Church in Galatia, asking them who has put them under a spell again? He warns them to not backslide to the ceremonies and rituals of the law, the yoke of slavery, through and in which one cannot receive eternal life.

The freedom – the liberty for which Christ has made us free is Christ Himself. He is our freedom and where His Spirit is, there is freedom from everything that is associated with the old man. He who has ears, let Him hear.


2 Corinthians 2:17 — For we are not like so many others, hucksters (peddlers)who peddle the word of God for profit, but we are speaking in Christ before God as persons of sincerity, as persons sent from God.

Someone recently pointed out to me that I should publish books and earn some money out of those, instead of putting teachings online for free. He mentioned that I can put a reference to people whom I listen to or who have influenced me, and publish it so that I don’t have to worry about copyright issues, etc.

Now, it seemed like a great proposal, however, as the Lord keeps opening our eyes to know Christ deeply, I have understood that no one gets a revelation that is not founded on someone else’s teachings or references. We all get understanding in parts, and that is how the Lord willingly divides it through His body. We all build on foundations that someone has already built.

Now it would be easy to gather references from many teachers of the Word, compile it, publish it as a book and then sell it. We may also have many excuses as to why we are selling it, saying, “People will only value it if they pay money,” or, “People pay money for unnecessary things, why won’t they pay for spiritual things?”


I was recently going through a book which is a compilation of works by many different authors presented in one book and is now sold in the market. The writings from whom this book is compiled and published, those authors have their material online for free. Writing people’s names in our books and saying we are influenced by them and then copying everything from them and selling shows the true heart of the person – the works of the flesh are still evident. This is the huckster mentality or as Paul puts it bluntly calling them, “peddlers of the word.”

2 Corinthians 2:17 — For we are not, as the many, driving a petty trade with the word of God; but, as of sincerity, but, as of God, before God, in Christ, we speak.

This is a heart issue – a motive issue. To peddle means to make retail of, to huckster or to pawn something off as merchandise. Isaiah earlier had applied the same Greek word in the LXX [Septuagint] which Paul does for “peddlers” when he said, “Your silver has become dross and your wine mixed with water.” Those who mixed wine with water did such to deceive the customer. It looked like genuine wine and had the fragrance of real wine, but in reality, it was nothing more than an adulterated and inferior one.


Paul cautions the Church to beware of con-men who scam and deceive by their smooth talks. These corrupt the pure Word of God and sell it as retail merchandise. They adulterate its truth to satisfy those with itching ears while expressing it as real and authentic, to intentionally mislead and trick for the motive of monetary gain.

2 Timothy 4:3 — For there will be a time when people will not tolerate sound teaching. Instead, following their own desires, they will accumulate teachers for themselves, because they have an insatiable curiosity to hear new things.

2 Timothy 4:3 — For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions…”


Books which claim to be “deep things,” “revelations,” or “hidden mysteries” of God are sold for a price first and then in those same books, everyone else is called religious and crooks who do the same. Spiritual things were never meant to be sold. Being spiritual is meant to reach people easily and freely. Those who love the word of God will value it even when it’s given for free.

If you truly have the heart to reach people with the message, it then should be given for free. The spiritual is always given for free but may not understood, just like in the case of Paul or John who penned down spiritual things which teachers have used for their profit, watering down the spiritual meaning to carnal levels. More than anything else, we see that God gave His only Son, what more could He have given us?

Romans 8:32 — Indeed, he who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all – how will he not also, along with him, freely give us all things?

But one may say, “I have paid much to get it published.” Now, that’s a choice that you made so that others receive the truth. But, you are now willing to sell the truth for your name, gain, and fame.

Also, when you compile a book by taking the writings of different authors, it is usually a mixture of thoughts and intents through information and revelation presented. If there are doctrinal errors in it, then it’s difficult to un-publish and re-republish the book.

2 Corinthians 4:2 — But have renounced the hidden things of shame, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully,––but, by the manifestation of the truth, commending ourselves unto every conscience of men, in the sight of God.

Many who read the book and trust the author’s understanding and not check the writings like the Bereans will cause more damage to the body of Christ than those who are ignorant. Declaring our lives in Christ to living that life are two different positions.


It is a common saying in prophetic circles, “Revelation is not taught, it is caught.” However, revelation can never be taught nor caught, it is to be received when revealed. This revelation of Jesus Christ begins within us and then transforms us into Christ-likeness as we renew our minds and die to self daily.


The true life of Christ brings true freedom from religion. Religion is powerless without the Adamic man – the old man which was crucified in Christ on the Cross at Calvary. The faith of Christ working in us is functional faith and not just some theory or advice in a book. If there is no Adamic nature working within us – there cannot be religion. So, when you understand that our old nature was crucified on the cross, the power of the law and religion breaks from our lives.

Whether you call it the Gospel of the Kingdom, the Eternal Gospel, the Gospel of God, the Gospel of Christ or just the good news – the foundational truth is that Christ came to give us life in abundance. This he does by liberating us from the thief that comes to steal, and to kill and to destroy. We, who are one with and in Christ must express confidence in Him and what authentic Bible-based Christianity is, not being afraid to declare the truth in love. This is only meant for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear – despite what religious and institutional – Adamic Christianity presents us. The deep things of God are freely given by Christ.


Our spiritual life is a journey – a progress that one must make by investing time in God’s word, fellowship, and study to understand deeper things which then forms our character into the living Christ abiding in us. Or else, we will be lying, stealing and also declaring that Christ lives in us. This is the one to whom Jesus referred as a hypocrite.


You may say, “It is not for everyone because all will not understand the deep things of God.” This is true that everyone may not understand the deeper things of the spirit but that did not stop Christ from teaching, neither Paul and the other apostles to write it and distribute it to everyone. This should be more of a reason that you must present it freely so that all can read and have the opportunity to receive from the spirit, the understanding of Christ.


King Solomon puts it in a plain simple way,

Ecclesiastes 12:12 — ​​​​​​​There is no end to the making of many books…”

Any book, teaching or sermon that does not reveal Christ to us, not only theologically, spiritually but experientially and increase our hunger for Christ and His truth and righteousness is just some man’s beautiful compilation of work in the flesh.

Like many others, I am committed to truth and sharing it with all those who are willing to hear it. But, I do not sell it. In my opinion, putting a cost to kingdom truth is to indirectly hint that the only people who are worthy of hearing or reading it, are those who are willing to pay for it.

Putting a cost to kingdom truth is to indirectly hint that the only people who are worthy of hearing or reading it, are those who are willing to pay for it. Click To Tweet


Paul gave up everything to pursue and understand Christ. He received many things in the Spirit. In his journey, the deepest understanding of Christ came when He was alone. I do not mean lonely but alone.

There is no other way that God speaks to us today other than in and through His Son. No other way! His introduction of Christ to men began with these words,

Mark 9:7 — Then a cloud overshadowed them, and a voice came from the cloud, “This is my one dear Son. Listen to him!”

Listen to Him! Until that moment, they listened to many voices which included the prophets, the law, the Psalms and even John the Baptist; although all these pointed to Christ.

Hebrews 1:2 — At the end of these days, He has spoken unto us in his Son,––whom he has appointed heir of all things, through whom also he hath made the ages…”

Let us listen to Him through His Spirit living in us.

Many other things to pen but that’s for another day.



All content © Godwin Sequeira, 2019.

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