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*Reading Time: 2 minutes*


Matthew 16:22 – Then Peter took Him aside and began to rebuke Him, saying, “Far be it from You, Lord; this shall not happen to You!”

Over and over in the scriptures, we notice the disciples trying to correct and argue with the Lord. Many times their thoughts completely contradicted the Master’s thoughts and they urged Him to take the wrong action. And Jesus, patient as ever, would rebuke them and correct them.


Some things are unchanging and we must be clear about the following positions. They must never be exchanged or confused. We must never forget that we are the disciples and He is the Lord. We are His servants and He is the Master. He is the Commander and He commands us, not we command Him. He leads us and we do not lead Him. We were created for and by Him and that He was not created for us. We serve him according to His pleasure and not Him according to ours.

Therefore, we must be aligned and adjusted to Him, and not the other way around. We must be aligned to His thoughts so that we can walk in His will. It is always His way and His will. Jesus our Lord will on no account ask us forgiveness and say, “I am sorry, I was wrong. We will do it your way.” He cannot be wrong ever, so there is no chance of an apology from Him. Thinking about this is so illogical.

We must be aligned to His thoughts so that we can walk in His will. Click To Tweet


And we repeatedly live as if we expect Him to do that very thing. We impose ourselves, our thoughts and plans upon Him. This shows we have not humbled ourselves or we have not understood His will for us. Let us not instruct the Lord, but receive instructions from Him; obey and be fruitful. Therefore, Who then is Jesus? He is the Lord, Savior, Master, and King.



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