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*Reading Time: 2 minutes*

Worry and Anxiety – A Big Hurdle To Growth

Worrying is a major hurdle to many Christians, even to those who are strong in faith. We live in a world that is broken from Adam and this brokenness in creation is also a part of our nature in Adam. The moment we are born again in Christ, we are disconnected from and dead to Adam and alive in and for Christ. 

A continual relationship with Jesus can deliver you from ever having to worry about anything. Your circumstances will not rule you in your mind if you intentionally choose to rely on Jesus. This will heal us and give us peace which the world cannot offer. 

You can insert this in your daily life to combat worry and anxiety.


We must declare the goodness, nature, and power of God through praise. Praise is a powerful weapon which thrusts us forward to renew our mind to understand that God is powerful enough and bigger than all of our problems. 

Psalms 68:4 – ​​​​​​​​Sing to God, sing praises to his name; ​​​​​​​lift up a song to him who rides through the deserts; ​​​​​​​his name is the LORD; ​​​​​​​exult before him! ​​​

Psalms 22:3 – ​​​​​​​​Yet you are holy, ​​​​​​​enthroned on the praises of Israel. ​​​

The Lord has given us the ability to enthrone Him in every circumstance of our lives by praising Him. Praise changes our daily surroundings into a place where He is Lord and King. It is from that throne of praise that God gives victory. Praise declares His power and sovereignty over every situation and enables us to encounter the truth and power of His presence.

Praise makes a way to pray

When it is difficult to pray. Begin to praise the Lord and this will break the barriers and remove the hurdles to pray.

Use the Psalms to praise God. The Psalms declare God’s power, goodness, mercy, grace and sheer will to deliver His people. Lift your hands, raise your voices and praise Him now!

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