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The Great Tribulation

The most important key to the understanding of all other prophecies is to clearly comprehend this specific event as this relates to all else.


The Abomination Of Desolation – Part 1

The best way to interpret scripture is with scripture, and the Bible tells us what is the abomination of desolation. Let’s examine the scriptures.


Love Growing Cold

Jesus had already prepared His disciples not to be discouraged by any false or counterfeit signs and they followed His words to the dot. 


Increased Lawlessness

In the early Church, because of fierce persecution, many Christians fell away from the faith and became lawless like the rest of the world.


Misleading Sign 10 – False Prophets

Jesus had earlier warned His disciples of the rise of false prophets and false messiahs. He had also given them a standard to measure a prophet.


Misleading Sign 9 – Apostasy

The early church was going through horrifying persecution; and thus, was constantly struggling to keep hold of its converts. Many fell away.


Misleading Sign 8 – Persecutions

In Scripture, especially in the book of the Acts of the Apostles, we discover that persecution was a way of life in the early church.


Misleading Sign 6 – Earthquakes

Amid the global pandemic, there was an earthquake in Greece last week. Doomsday preachers quickly latched onto that saying these are the last days.


Misleading Sign 5 – Pestilence 

Many preachers and teachers in Christianity are predicting the coming of Christ and this global pandemic of COVID-19 to be one of the signs of His coming.


Misleading Sign 4 – Famines

Doomsday prophets often warn us of the future famines however, was Jesus warning His disciples about twenty-first-century famines?


Deep Things

For we are not like so many others, hucksters (peddlers) who peddle the word of God for profit. Paul writes this prophetically looking to our days.


Misleading Sign 3 – Nation Against Nation

Jesus was preparing His disciples for all the events that would take place while there was continual factional fighting internally and externally.

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Misleading Sign 1 – False Messiahs

There was an expectancy of the coming of the “Messiah” in the generation in which Jesus and His disciples lived. Jesus’ words came true to the dot.

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Sonship In The Son

Jesus was the prototype Son. His birth, life, death, and glorification shows us the way on which we must walk. That way which was hidden is now revealed.


Spiritual Progress – The Ages Past

The Kingdom of God has advanced throughout history from the first Adam to the Last Adam who now through His Spirit lives in the hearts His people.

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The Beginning Of Signs

These beginning of the signs were the chronology to end of the Old Covenant administration and they were the full commencement of the New Covenant.

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The Questions

The entire prophecy in Matthew 24 revolves around these questions. The disciples seem fascinated by the beauty of the buildings of the Temple.

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The Temple – Old and New

The truth is that we the body of Christ – who are His people, living anywhere in the world, are His dwelling place – His living Temple and His House.

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The Wedding Feast

A parable of Christ to His generation giving glimpses of His death, the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem and the Kingdom of God.


The Gospel Journey

A journey to discover what the Gospel means to a believer and a disciple in Christ. This is what I am called to teach and proclaim.


Happy New Year 2020

The previous year was to know our Purpose in Christ. The focus of the year 2020 to us is, “BEING CONFORMED TO THE IMAGE OF CHRIST.”

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Burned Out By Religion

I thank God who delivered me and desires to deliver us all from the traps of religion. May Jesus Christ be glorified in all things. Read and be made free.

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The Parable of the Vineyard – Part 3

This is the third part where we highlight the parable of the vineyard within the understanding of the Kingdom of God. Be blessed as you dig into the Word.


All Saints Day

All Saints Day is celebrated by many denominations and is most often in memory of canonized saints. But who are saints according to scripture?

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The Parable of the Vineyard – Part 2

This is the second part where we highlight this parable with the prophecies in the Old Testament from Isaiah, Psalms and Daniel.


The Greater Image

The first man marred the image but through the second man, every hold of Adam passed away and we are now created in the image of the last Adam.


By His Son

God does not speak other than in His Son. This is crucial to understand because many voices in the world claim to be the voice of the Lord.


Bought At A Price

This price that the Father paid was the sacrifice of His own Son. The price was Jesus Christ Himself. Now, we belong to Him.

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The Parable of the Vineyard – Part 1

Jesus began the last week of his earthly ministry by cleansing the temple and He speaks the parable of the Vineyard. This is the first in the series.


The Tongue Is A Fire

Man has been able to tame every kind of animal. But, what about his speech. The tongue is like fire if not used properly and can destroy lives.


More Than A Dot

In our large world, it’s easy to think that we are nothing more than an unimportant dot in the midst of a crowd. But Jesus thinks differently.


Marvelous Things in Christ

The Lord has promised to be your shield and your defense. He will walk every step with you and empower you to triumph every single day.


Instructed By Christ

Let us not instruct the Lord, but receive instructions from Him; and obey and be fruitful. We must align our thoughts to His and walk in His will.


His Love For Us

When Jesus wept, the Jews said, “See how He loved him.” This can be said of each blood-bought believer, “See how He loves him.” Read to know more.

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The Magnum Opus

God wants us to live as exact representations of His character and nature in this earth. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Know more…


Free Indeed

Knowing the truth will immediately bring us out of the law and empower us to walk in the grace of Christ. The Old will be replaced by the new.


Thoughts on Prayer

Prayer is not just your routine or ritual. It is an intimacy being developed in our relationship with our Father through His Spirit.


Comforted By God

When we look to Christ for our supply, our experience will be the same as Paul’s – God will comfort us, as He does all who are cast down.


Overcome Anger

Anger is a normal human emotion. With the Lord’s help, it can be controlled. Without His help, it may control us. Let us walk by the Spirit.

spirit of religion
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Spirit of Religion

If you are trying to earn God’s love, you are trapped in religion. A religious spirit gives little and expects more. Love gives all and expects love.


The Wisdom and Power of God

Christ gave Himself to God through the eternal Spirit and in His resurrection this crucified Christ has become our Wisdom and Power.


Understanding Apostle

Who is an Apostle? What is the function? The best way to learn and function is to follow the example of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Purified By Fire

Life has its ups and downs with something’s easier to experience than others, but what is the reason for trials and sufferings?


Our Shepherd and Life

Our Good Shepherd knows us and expects us to know Him. The knowledge existing between the Shepherd and His flock originates from companionship and love.


Fear Not

Why does the Lord command us to fear not? This is because He loves us. Much of our fear stems from ignorance and misinformation. Read to know more.


Marriage – Helper and Companion

In this post, we will look at how God instituted the first marriage and some practical applications in the areas of marriage and family.


Descended from God

hen we understand that we are descended from God, our solutions come from heaven, from His throne where we are seated in Christ.


Like The Bereans

How can we become like the people of Berea? What can we learn from them? How did they receive the word of God from Paul? Know more.


Manna And Bread

What did the manna is the wilderness symbolize? What does it mean today for the Church? How is it fulfilled in the life of Christ? Know more as you read.


Growing In Christ

When we are born again by His Spirit, and there is immense joy in our Father’s heart to see us grow. He desires that we do not become spiritually stagnant.


Called According To His Purpose

We were chosen and called with a divine purpose, not only to be delivered out of darkness and out of Egypt and the grip of the satan, but for this…


The Journey in Christ – Corinthians

My journey has been of a progressive revelation of Jesus Christ, a slow and steady revealing of His person, grace and will. What about you?


Rahab and the Fear of the Lord

Rahab feared the God of Israel even though she was not a worshipper. She was willing to take the risk and put her life at stake.


FirstFruits – Part 2

In this part, we will look at some of the claims that people who teach firstfruits use to justify this doctrine and practice.


FirstFruits – Part 1

What is firstfruit? When was it instituted? Was it a public acknowledgment of the bounty and goodness of God for the generous fruit of the earth? Know more.

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Flashback to the Prophecy of Jesus Christ

Jesus began the last week of his earthly ministry by cleansing the temple. This article gives us the background to the prophetic discourse of Matthew 24.

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Ways To Overcome Worry And Anxiety – Part 1

Worrying is a major hurdle to many Christians, even to those who are strong in faith. This will break the barriers and help you overcome worry and anxiety.


Rahab – A Woman of Faith

The very same grace that Rahab received is now freely available to you.


The Etymology Of Church

In the New Testament, the standard translation for the Greek word “ekklesia” in English is “church.” But did it originate from the word, Ekklesia?


Reformation or Resurrection

Either a man has never died, or he has died and been raised again. You can fake a reformation, but you cannot fake a resurrection.


The Meaning Of Eschatology

Are we living in the last days? When we miss the eschatology of Jesus, we then create our own inaccurate one and in doing so miss the Kingdom.

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Apostle’s Doctrine – Part 2

This post gives an in-depth understanding of what the doctrine of the Apostles was for which they would readily give up their own lives. Read to know more.


His Kingdom and His Will

We are called to occupy until He comes and what best way to go about doing our Father’s business – knowing and obeying His will.


Divine Purpose in Christ

The Christian life is the narrow path, and a highly demanding one. However, all of us are called and chosen according to the divine purpose in Christ.


Praise births Strength

Whenever you give God praise, honour and glory, He strengthens you with His might and power. Thanksgiving also shows your trust and gratitude to God.


Disciple Validation

A disciple is called to live a life in a manner worthy of the Lord, bearing much fruit, and increasing in the knowledge and understanding of Christ.

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Apostle’s Doctrine – Part 1

The apostles had a very specific doctrine which is spread in the whole book of the Acts of the Apostles. They fearlessly proclaimed it. Know more.

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The Purpose of God

What is the purpose which the Lord had in mind before He created all things. The Lord revealed His purpose, plan and will to Paul through Christ.

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Why did the Father send His Son?

The answers and reasons from scripture to why the Father sent His Son Jesus and how that affects the lives of all who believe in Him.

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Why is the study of doctrine important? Is there really a need for a believer to examine and study the major doctrines of the Christian


The Eyewitnesses to His Resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a phenomenal event in human history. Who were these eyewitnesses and what was their testimony?



Everything we do in the Christian life that is of any spiritual value, will have to do it through our spirit man. This is even true for Meditation.


Life In The Son

Life is given to us in and through His Son. When God gave us His Son, He gave us all of Himself. The God kind of life is a matter of receiving His Son.


The Spirit of Competition

What is the spirit of Competition and how does it affect a believer, a church, ministry, marriage, etc. Be blessed as you read.


The journey in Christ – Thessalonians

How does your journey in Christ begin? How does it progress and what are the positives and negatives which the Thessalonian Church experienced?

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